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“Feature-Focused” San Juan Pools

Builder: Robert Fergione | Poolscapes of Charlotte in Charlotte, N.C.

The right combination of special features with fiberglass can really pack a punch. In this instance, a powerful lion flanked by fire steals the show.

“The water features were designed to be centered on the client’s front door, which was all glass, with a direct view straight through the back glass sliders,” says Builder Robert Fergione. “The first thing that catches your eye when you approach the front door is the fire and water bowls and the lion’s head. We added the natural stone arch to soften the look and make the lion appear more prominent in the wall.”

Fergione’s design process always begins with an actual water’s-edge template of the pool, laid out in the yard to help the client visualize the location. “For this design, the template was helpful because of the multiple terracing the yard required and the location of the water features,” he says. Drainage was also a key factor: heavy rains took a toll on the installation process.

“Rectangle pools are in Vogue,” Fergione adds. “Clients like clean lines and minimal decking on the back sides of the pool.” The particular selection for this project was Belgard Eastwood paver coping in gray and Belgard Cambridge Cobble in Carolina Blend.

The pool — a San Juan Great Lakes model, in a granite gelcoat — features an array of shallow portions with tanning shelves and lounging areas in every corner. This is a hallmark of San Juan’s offerings, all of which have built-in steps and benches, many with tanning ledges and Baja shelves as well.

The equipment room is cleverly hidden behind the garage, close and accessible, but not visible. It’s all about keeping things away from the homeowner’s line of sight and away from sleeping areas. “We use freeze protection in the Carolinas, so if the temperature drops at 3 a.m., you don’t want the pump near your bedroom,” explains Fergione.