Every year, Pantone comes up and declares the official color of the year.  Yes, there is such a declaration.   This year, the color, as the title suggests is called Living Coral.  Not just any coral, but one identified as 16-1546.  Pantone 16-1546 refers to the placement of this color in terms of hue and saturation in the spectrum of colors, sort of the unique DNA of a color.  With its golden undertone it is described as soft and energizing. 

Pantone Institute by the way is the company that has pretty much cornered the market on researching color psychology, brand development, trends and forecasting.  They provide color consultations and develop colors to help brands succeed.  Chances are you’ve seen a Tiffany’s box or know the Minions from the animated movie.  Well, Pantone developed the iconic blue color for Tiffany’s and the vibrant yellow of the Minions. 

The color of the year is determined by trends, events and media around the world.  The color of year as a result will pop up in your choices of makeup, clothing, home décor, and personal items.  I’m excited to see this color because Living Coral is such a wonderful complement to the colors that we see outdoors.  It plays and harmonizes beautifully with the palettes that you may already have in existence in your backyard such as lime greens, greys, yellows and blues.  Incorporating Living Coral in your backyard this year will help freshen up the look.  And, you don’t need to add lots of the color, just touches of it here are there. 

Here are some ideas, suggestions and inspirations on how to live with Living Coral.

Beach towels with coral hues will be in abundance this year.  I like the ones with patterns and coral in combination with other colors.  I’ve also been seeing more details in beach towels from tassels, fringe, contrasting borders and even more circular beach towels.

An outdoor rug is a great way to add comfort and personality to your backyard.  It anchors a seating area and gives an instant boost of color.  It also had the added bonus of protecting your patio floor or deck pavers.  Make sure to pick a rug specifically designed for outdoor use.  One made of fully synthetic materials is a good choice because it can withstand the damp weather conditions and not harbor mold.

Where to put those refreshing drinks by the pool?  On a side table, of course.  Finding the perfect one can be tricky because you want it to be functional, sturdy but also not take up too much space.  I particularly like this one because the open work details on the base creates a sense of airiness.  The top has enough room for the drinks and a decorative vase or planter.  The pop of Living Coral will certainly look great against the blues of the pool and the sunny summer skies.

Backyard entertaining can be made easier without sacrificing style and look.  Melamine plates which are light and reusable come in a variety of colors.  Some of the melamine plates look so good that they look like fine china.  If you are concerned with the BPA content of melamine plates, there are many options in the market that are BPA free.  Make sure you read the instructions on how to properly wash (dishwasher versus hand washing) the plates.

It’s important to keep cool and protected from the sun rays when lounging poolside or just hanging out in the backyard.  If you are looking to update the look of your backyard, the patio umbrealla is a great way to start by adding a touch of Living Coral.  You may even try to be a little be more adventurous and go outside your comfort zone and go for prints or patterns instead of a solid colored umbrella.

Swaying and napping in a hammock under the shade is one of the luxuries of summer.  And, when the sun goes down, you can still lay on the hammock to gaze at the stars.  Aside from the obvious benefits of helping you relax and decompress; a hammock has a multitude of health benefits.  Because it elevates the body, it can relieve aching muscles and improve blood circulation.

A welcoming, stylish and functional backyard can take the occasional summer dinner outside to extending your home to true outdoor living.  Think about how you use your backyard, how you like to entertain and what would make you want to spend more time outdoors.  Perhaps, taking some inspirations from Living Coral can help you get started.