Why Fiberglass?

Why Fiberglass?

Durability. Style. Eco-Friendly. Comfort.

Pools constructed from fiberglass have been gaining popularity over the years and for many good reasons. Customers who are considering installing a pool typically have 4 main criteria in their decision making process. Fiberglass pools strike a great balance amongst these key factors.


Manufactured under strict factory guidelines, fiberglass pool quality is consistent and backed by manufacturer warranty. But, not all fiberglass pools are created equal. We ONLY install San Juan Fiberglass pools and spas because we know that they are the best in the industry. San Juan pioneered the manufacturing of fiberglass pools. For over 60 years, they have invested time and research to continually improve and develop proprietary manufacturing materials and methods. Unique to San Juan are the hand laid application of fiberglass, the use of Vinyl Ester Resin and 32-mi gel coating throughout the entire pool. Without a doubt, they make the strongest fiberglass pools in the market today.


With over 90 pool and spa models, there is a style, size and pool depth to fit your design and budget needs. Combined with your ideas for landscaping, decks, lighting, and other outdoor designs, Poolscapes of Charlotte can create a total backyard experience around your fiberglass pool.

Eco Friendly.

The non-porous surface of a fiberglass pool makes it resistant to algae and bacteria. Because of its solid, one piece construction, algae and bacteria will not grow in the crevices or lining of a fiberglass pool the way it does in gunite and vinyl pools. Less algae means less chemicals and brushing to maintain the pool.


Fiberglass is a natural insulator so the pool stays warmly comfortable requiring less heater use. No scraped toes and feet. With its smooth (tub-like feel) surface, jogging and walking the pool is definitely safer and more comfortable.

Structural Integrity

San Juan Pools are made of 5 layers of hand laid layers of fiberglass – the only one in the industry.